The 10 most modern cities in the world
If you are a fan of modernity and high technology, urban and highly developed environments, then this article is for you. There are 10 cities that we present to you. Cities that have contributed and still contribute to technological, scientific, architectural innovations ... Modern cities, with skyscrapers, megalomaniac and amazing buildings and high-tech places ... This is what awaits you on this virtual journey through the cities of the future!




With a strong connection to high technology and known as the world's leading city in Big Data, Singapore is on the list of anyone who likes to be constantly surprised. The wow factor is implicit in a visit to this city: a garden where nature intersects with science fiction? An airport with 280 stores, the largest interior waterfall in the world, a butterfly garden and 11 IMAX movie theatres? The amazing SkyPark with its famous infinity pool? Singapore has this and much more to discover!

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Always dreamed of a trip to the future? Then board the next flight to Tokyo: Japan's capital breathes high tech. There is no shortage of skyscrapers, neon lights, modern buildings and, with some luck, you can even come across a robot in the street! Enter the electronics stores and be fascinated by this whole world. Want to explore this country to the fullest on your trip? See here 10 unmissable experiences in Japan.

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Hong Kong

Another city that results from the perfect combination between tradition and modernity, its economy is driven by high-tech companies, and the wide range of start-up scholarships and university collaborations makes it a very attractive place for new technology companies. Hong Kong still boasts one of the country's fastest internets and extremely modern buildings and constructions - yet allows direct contact with Chinese tradition and culture, and unique natural wonders!

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Dubai had to be on this list if it were not a city of ever-evolving world records and artificial islands struggling for innovation: cutting-edge technologies, modernity and architectural eccentricity are some of its main features. Dubai is an oasis of skyscrapers in the middle of the desert, and a world of unique experiences!

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New York

From the financial, fashion and technology sectors, the Big Apple is a true universe of companies - especially in the latest sector. Did you know that the digital and technology sectors employ 135,000 people? LinkNY is another landmark in the city - a technology project that allows free Wi-Fi coverage throughout the city! For a complete city tour that doesn't sleep, here are some tips.

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San Francisco

San Francisco is home to several world-renowned and successful companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Uber. In addition, it is well known that Silicon Valley, the epicentre of all research, discoveries and projects related to world technology, is also based in San Francisco. If there were doubts about the importance of this city in technological development, they have just dissipated! But not only technology lives in this city - discover here 10 places not to be missed in this interesting destination.

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This Canadian city is known for its contribution in the field of virtual reality. Would you like to visit this city but not ready for the cold? That's not a problem - Montreal has the Underground City, an authentic city under the ground to make it easier for people to live their daily lives without the bad weather.

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Did you know that 18% of Stockholm's workforce is high tech? This makes the city a major technology hub and the second largest Start-up system in the world - it's the scenario of companies like Skype and Spotify! Stockholm also makes the perfect symbiosis between ancient and modern architectural references. But despite being a city strongly linked to technology, the daily life is quiet and bicycles fill the city, giving a healthier and sustainable lifestyle to those who live there. Thrilled? Take the chance to visit one of these 7 museums in Stockholm.

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Modern architecture comes in harmony with the city's iconic and historic buildings - the perfect balance between London's identity and innovation. Its modern and business atmosphere with iconic buildings, neon lights, great shopping and excellent mobility make London a reference in the modern world. Its excellent cultural offerings and places to visit complete the picture for a trip not to be missed - and following this itinerary, you don't even have to spend a lot of money!

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The German capital, while extensive, is an organized city, with good transport networks and where the mix of classic and modern results in perfection - with a strong historical heritage, it is also an authentic open-air street art museum. Berlin is home not only to major carmakers, but to some 500 new start-ups a year - its strong creative economy attracts new generation digital investors from around the world! To enjoy this impressive city in one weekend, here are some tips for you.

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10 cities so different but with so many achievements in common! Where do you want to start this journey to technological havens? Start planning your trip here.