The millenarian capital

1 Jan to 01 Jan
The last of China's four major ancient capitals, Beijing has more than three thousand years of existence. Famous for its numerous palaces, temples, gardens, walls and gates, the city does not disappoint and discovering it is a unique experience!

Start your tour in the city's hutongs (municipal districts) and head to Tiananmen Square, where the 1989's massacre took place. Visit the Longevity Hill where you can marvel at the Temple of Heaven and at the Empress Cixi's Summer Palace as you walk along the shores of Lake Kunming in the beautiful Garden of Preserved Harmony. Take the opportunity to visit the Tower of Buddhist Incense and, if you like sports and architecture, do not miss the avant-garde Bird's Nest, the Olympic stadium built for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 and whose peculiar construction resembles a nest.

Walk along the stretch of the Great Wall of China that is in the city and visit the Zhoukoudian Caves, where the Beijing Man's fossil was found. After all this, indulge in a traditional Beijing Duck and get ready for the capital's ex-libris: The Forbidden City! Literally a city within Beijing, this vast complex of buildings houses the largest palace in the world which served as imperial residence for various Chinese dynasties. Its name is due to the fact that only the imperial family and some special officials were allowed to enter there. Currently the entrance to the complex is subject to several restrictions, so even if you cannot get in, a stroll around it and its imposing gates makes it worth a visit!