City of districts

1 Jan to 01 Jan
The state capital of Massachusetts is driven by knowledge and filled with culture, art and technology, which intersects with the still-present past of this city, considered the oldest one in the United States. As you walk through the city, you'll notice that in every corner, building and street, you'll find a piece of history that will make you fall in love with Boston.

Start by exploring the different districts of Boston, each with its colour and essence. We highlight the ones where tradition and history are more present, such as Beacon Hill and Charlestown, the ones that are more culturally diverse, such as Chinatown, Leather District and Jamaica Plain, as well as the more trendy ones with countless restaurants and boutique shops such as Back Bay and East Boston. As you travel through each of these districts, let yourself be involved by the story told in the various iconic places of the city.

Explore the Freedom Trail, a trail prepared to show the main points of interest related to the history of the American Revolution, from museums to churches and meeting places among the main characters of this historic landmark. The first step is to explore the Boston Common public park, bought by Puritan colonists when they've settled in Boston. But get to know as well the Park Street Church, the King's Chapel, the Faneuil Hall (where the city's first meeting was held) and the USS Constitution warship, which dates back to 1797. After the well-studied history lesson, return to the present, and if you like open spaces where you can find a little bit of everything, stop at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, a fair full of stalls with clothes, accessories, electronics and miscellaneous articles as well as dining spaces. With the batteries charged, it is time to visit the Museum of Fine Arts with collections that take us on journey through time, from the Ancient Egypt to the Contemporary. With all these options, Boston will certainly please you.