Millennial History

1 Jan to 01 Jan
Delhi is full of fascinating architectural and cultural treasures. From beautiful palaces to impressive temples and from attractive bazaars to a delicious gastronomy, the Indian capital is undoubtedly a destination that will not leave you indifferent.

Begin your itinerary with a visit to the magnificent Mausoleum of Humayun, the Bahai Temple (in the shape of a lotus flower) and Akshardham, the largest Hindu temple in the world (and surely one of the most beautiful!). Lose yourself in the Lodi Gardens, a huge park where you can enjoy fascinating tombs, mosques and bridges, and the Mehrauli Archaeological Park, filled with archaeological jewels. Know more about the life of the founder of the Indian state at the Gandhi Memorial and Museum, and look closely at the world's largest residence of a Head of State - the Rashtrapati Bhavan, surrounded by the fabulous Mughal garden. Marvel with the wonderful cultural treasures at the National Museum of India and visit the renowned Jantar Mantar's Astronomical Observatory.

The financial and commercial centre of Delhi, Connaught Place, is ideal for those who want to visit a more modern and westernized area. In the Old Quarter, do not miss the impressive Red Fort with the Meena Bazaar inside, visit Jama Masid, India's best-known mosque and explore the ancient markets, where you will find a true paradise of colours and textures in textiles, jewellery, paintings and many other items of real quality made by artisans. Do not miss the patriotic experience of watching a Bollywood movie, and indulge in the spicy flavours of the Indian cuisine: heavily seasoned and strong in colour, it also has vegetarian delicacies and lots of tea. If you do not want to miss India's most famous palace, the imposing Taj Mahal is just 2:30 hours away from Delhi, in the city of Agra.