Island of Sal

The land of Morabeza

28 Jan to 25 Sep
Sun and beautiful beaches are the business-card of the Isle of Sal, a destination of choice for those who want to relax. In Cape Verde the musical rhythms are contagious and the people amazes with their joy, relaxation and kindness, the famous "morabeza".

Despite being one of the smaller islands in the Cape Verde archipelago, there are lots of activities in Isle of Sal. In the salt fields of Pedra do Lume, on the crater of an ancient volcano, you can bathe and float in a water 26 times saltier than the ocean water. The "Olho Azul" is a natural pool, and since it's located in a deep natural cave, it gives a true spectacle of nature when the sun reflects. The Buracona is another natural pool located between the black lava rocks and a perfect place to relax. Enjoy also the Terra Boa, a huge dry area, from where you can see a lot of mirages.
The village of Santa Maria is famous for its beaches with blue water, with excellent conditions for water sports. Dedicate one morning to go to the pontoon of Santa Maria and wait for the arrival of boats filled with fish, and do not miss the experience of seeing sharks in the Baia da Parda and participate in a tour that takes you to see the large sea turtles. Take the opportunity to see the wreckage of a sunken ship that stands in the bottom of the sea for nearly a century! Taste typical fruits such as baobab and tamarind, or the typical local drinks, such as punch and grog. In the evening, feel the true Cape Verdean soul in the bustling town of Santa Maria, where in every corner people danced rhythmically with the music and singers. Learning to dance with Cape Verdeans is a challenge, because their dance requires so much waist flexibility that only they know how do it!