City of Kings

1 Jan to 01 Jan
Rich in history, full of entertainment, with spectacular cuisine and breath taking views, this is Lima. With your family, alone or with your soulmate, the city will not disappoint you with its several options, being the perfect starting point to discover other regions of Peru.

Start your city tour in Plaza Mayor with its 17th century bronze fountain and continue to the Cathedral of Lima and the church and convent of San Francisco, whose catacombs served as a cemetery during the colonial era. In the Government Palace, recovered in the 1920s after a fire, the visits must be scheduled in advance and every day at 11:45 it is possible to watch the guard's rendering at the Honor Courtyard. Get out of the city centre and visit the many different districts, such as the Miraflores district, full of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and the Larcomar shopping centre with a privileged view of the sea, or the San Isidoro district, full of green spaces. It is in the Barrio Barraco, the most romantic and bohemian, that you'll find the Puente de los Suspiros and one of the best views of the city. In Chorrillos, go up to Monte Solar, where you can find the astronomical observatory.

The capital of Peru, formerly called the City of Kings for being invaded by the Spanish during the Twelfth Night (in Spain, this day is called Día de Reyes, or Day of Kings), January 6th, is a place rich in culture and diversified customs that aged back from the colonial era. Many of the people who passed by left their marks on the city and there's also the influence of immigrants who stayed in the city and made it what it is today. This same cultural heritage is represented in the gastronomy of the region that presents a huge variety of colours and flavours. You have to try the Pachamanca, where stones heated in the fire are placed in a hole in the ground creating a natural oven where different types of meat with different spices are cooked.