Between souks and spices

23 Jan to 31 Jan
It is impossible to remain indifferent to the ancient capital of Morocco. Between the desert, the mountains and the sea and an ancient historical heritage, it proves to be mysterious, exotic and mesmerizing.

Vacations in Marrakech
Easter in Marrakech
The Red City, as it is known by the architecture in this tone is intense and perfumed by spices. A true spectacle of sounds, smells and colours that carry the visitors to a completely and unique environment. The Koutoubia Mosque is the most famous monument in the city but to learn more about the history and culture of this destination visit the Museum of Marrakech. Nearby, we also have Madrassa Ben Youssef but there are more mandatory places to visit such as the Saadian tombs, the beautiful Bahia Palace or Qoubba Almoravid. Stroll in the Garden of Majorelle, a botanical paradise, or the Menara Garden, the favourite one of Moroccan people to go for a walk.
The Jemaa el-Fnaa is the centre of Marrakech and hub of entertainment with performances by musicians, dancers, snake charmers, monkey tamers, acrobats, storytellers and games for the amusement of visitors, as well as many typical restaurants. The best way to experience the city's magic is to venturing up in the souks, the Maghreb markets, a maze of streets and alleys that sell from spices to carpets, among other Moroccan trinkets. Do not forget to haggle. Also try the Hammam, the traditional Hamman, try the Moroccan mint tea and relax on the terrace of a riad while enjoying the sunset to the sound of the Muezzin.