The Indian star

First discovered by the Portuguese in 1505, this former British colony is characterized by its cultural diversity, beaches and reefs, but also by its native fauna, rainforests and nature parks. Come discover all that this country has to offer!

In what could be classed as a true paradise on Earth, Mauritius is the owner and mistress of dense tropical vegetation that houses numerous native species, lagoons of different shades of blue, white sandy beaches and warm temperatures! So nothing better than starting your waterfront tour in Mont Choisy, Troux-aux-Biches or Flic en Flac (the latter much sought after by snorkelers). The Blue Bay lagoons are also a must-stop for beach lovers.

But if you prefer other adventures, the capital Port Luis will surely please you! During the day you can visit the Cauden Waterfront, where you will find typical museums, shopping centres and restaurants in the area; the Blue Penny Museum that tells the history of the island from its earliest days; the Central Market; the Company's Garden and the city's ex-libris - Aapravasi Ghat - a building complex built to house the first migrants to the island and a World Heritage Site. Visit one of the island's many rum distilleries and get lost in the Rivière Noir district, where you can watch the famous colourful dunes!

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