New York

The sky is the limit

It is famous for its skyscrapers but is by walking in the avenues that we realize the essence of one of the most magnificent and cosmopolitan cities in the world. Shows, musicals, art, architecture, photography, fashion, restaurants, music and cinema, there is nothing that this city does not offer.

Background of numerous films, it's hard not to recognize its streets and buildings but, no matter how many times you visit this destination, you will always find something new. Do not miss must-visit sites such as the Statue of Liberty, the symbol of the city. In Manhattan, walk through the famous Times Square, stroll through the luxurious 5th Avenue and the busy Madison Street. Central Park is the city's lung and place of election to go for a walk. The Empire State Building, in the heart of the city, offers a fabulous view. Do not forget to stop along the way to delight with a bagel.
Discover the famous foreign communities such as China Town, where you can find good bargains or the Harlem neighbourhood, African-American community steeped in history, gospel and jazz. The charismatic SoHo, old industrial neighbourhood and residence of various artists, is full of galleries and restaurants. Watch a musical on Broadway and visit Wall Street, the major financial centre. Cross the famous Brooklyn Bridge and be amazed with the Central Station and Rockefeller Centre. Be sure to stop by the memorial of the September 11th and have the opportunity to visit the MoMA, the Metropolitan Museum and the Natural History Museum.

Where to stay