Capital of entertainment

1 Jan to 01 Jan
Known as the capital of entertainment and music, Salvador is characterized by its racial and religious diversity, connection to art, music, gastronomy and festivities that can make any other celebration in the world feel envious. Discover the first capital of Brazil and get contagious by the aura of joy that is present throughout the streets of the city.

Start your visit in the historic centre of the city, in the Pelourinho district, considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and glimpse the magnificent buildings of the Portuguese colonial period with monuments dating from the 17th to the 20th century, such as the amazing Church of the Senhor do Bonfim, the Elevator Lacerda that connects the Lower City to the Upper City, the City Cathedral and the imposing Church of San Francisco, considered the greatest exponent of baroque art in the country.

But the biggest attraction of the city is its Carnival, where, during seven days, the "pipocas" (or popcorn, name given to the revellers) gather in the streets and celebrate the largest popular party in the world, with a mention in the Guinness Book of Records. The celebrations of Senhor do Bonfim, the celebrations in honour of Iemanjá, the Queen of the Sea, and the New Year's Eve are also a very important part of the festive culture of the city. You can also enjoy a delicious meal in one of the many famous restaurants of the city and enjoy the numerous beaches that the state capital of Bahia has to offer.