Sao Tome

The land of coffee and cocoa

1 Jan to 01 Jan
Smell like coffee, tastes like cocoa! What better way to describe this beautiful destination, where time seems not to have passed? The kindness of its inhabitants melts the heart of anyone who visits this paradise in the Atlantic.

With a landscape painted green and the singing of birds as a background melody, São Tomé is a destination that will dazzle its visitors without any doubt. Here you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with palm trees bending over the sand, such as Inhame Beach, Piscina Beach and Jalé Beach. You can also take the boat at Ponte Baleia and visit the Ilhéu das Rolas or take a dip in the Lagoa Azul. Visit the Island of Príncipe, an authentic oasis with beautiful beaches, gardens and the House Museum Almada Negreiros, where this incontrovertible name of Portuguese modernism was born.

Do not miss the most historical places of this island, such as the Monument to the Discoveries - a place that marks the site where Portuguese navigators first landed - and the plantations of Boa Entrada, Agostinho Neto and Agua Izé, considered the most important in this country. Also try some of the most famous dishes of the local gastronomy, all based on fish and seafood. But not only history and nature lives this paradise - its locals are the best surprise you will have. Excellent in receiving, excellent talkers and gifted with sympathy that you cannot find anywhere, they show a smile that will make you want to never leave!