The island of spices

The exotic island of Zanzibar is a paradise: beaches with warm turquoise waters, white sands and coral lakes, historic streets and alleyways with an inviting aroma of spices in the air and a welcoming and unpretentious people. But if you want to make this an authentic dream trip, do not just go for the beaches: head to the heart of Tanzania and take a Safari in Tarangire, Ngorongoro or the famous Serengeti!

Birthplace of one of the greatest icons of music - we speak of Freddy Mercury, legendary vocalist of the British band Queen - Zanzibar is a former commercial warehouse and is currently one of the most sought after destinations for lovers of beach, culture, history and nature. Explore the markets, shops, museums and restaurants in the streets of Stone Town and marvel at the city's colonial architecture and the various historic buildings while you smell the spices that hang in the air. Also take part in the "Spice Roadmap" to get to know the local spice cultivation closely and, if you are a nature lover, also explore the forest reserve of Jozani or Ngezi.

The local gastronomy is very varied, since it is a Muslim and coastal country, it has a great offer of fish and Arab influences. Take a ride on a Dhow Cruise, a traditional motorboat and visit Chapwani Island to escape the tumult of the crowds - do not miss the magnificent sunset! Recover energy on the paradisiacal beaches of the archipelago or in Hammamni, a Turkish bath. Finally, if you want to make this a dream trip, feel the adrenaline in one of Tanzania's natural parks with a safari!

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