Bali Spirit Festival
Bali, Indonesia
2 Apr - 08 Apr
It is in the cultural heart of Bali, in Ubud, that the Bali Spirit Festival takes place. In this event one learns about the Hindu concept of Tri Hita Karana, whose pillars are based on living in harmony with the spiritual, social and natural environment. If you want to be connected with what surrounds you, this is the perfect event for you.

The festival is divided into two phases, with day and night activities. During the day you can learn about dancing, enjoy Balinese music and participate in workshops that include African dances, yoga, types of meditation and astrology. Here, positivism and sharing are the pillars. For music lovers, during the night, there are several artists from all over the world who show what moves them, the rhythms of their culture. The event takes place in several spaces, such as the Dharma Fair Market, a community market with several areas that includes local crafts and organic food, a holistic cure area and esoteric readers. Do not miss the Coco Love Stage, where several national and international artists perform.

Take a deep breath, open your heart and embrace the environment and the several activities of the events because you'll definitely not want to miss any of these experiences. If you're traveling with your family, you'll be greatly welcomed by a team prepared to animate everyone and there is a proper space for children. Embrace the environment and be part of an adventure where cultural diversity is notorious and enriching. You'll surely remember these days for the rest of your life. Tickets can be purchased here.

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