Fringe Festival
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
2 Aug - 26 Aug
It is the world's largest arts festival and takes place every year, since 1947, in Edinburgh. For almost the entire month of August, thousands of actors, musicians, dancers and other performers act before millions of viewers, turning the picturesque town into an intense, energetic and vibrant stage.

During the festival the city is filled with both veterans and new artists, eager to show their art to the world, and there is no better opportunity to do so or had not been the Fringe the launching pad for many famous artists of nowadays. Free, intense, entertaining and revealing, it stimulates the creation of new artwork of all kinds and is an exquisite spectacle for the audience. It is also a unique opportunity to watch unique shows since that are present artists from all around the world!
This is the highlight of the year in Edinburgh as the city transforms into a wonderful world of fantasy, colour and dynamism. Outdoors and indoors spectacles invade the entire city, offering culture, knowledge, fun and thrills for all types of audience. And as the options are vast and varied, there is a complete catalogue to help you choose what to watch, according to the interests.

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