London, United Kingdom
31 Oct - 02 Nov
What better European city to experience Halloween than London? With a lot of macabre stories and bloody legends, often reproduced in books and films, London has the environment, the sights and the perfect places to make this day truly... terrific.

On Halloween there are a lot of night time activities to test the bravest. Explore the darker side of London in a comic and unforgettable ride on the Ghost Bus, a bus painted in black for the occasion. You can also visit museums, participate in a guided tour through the Hampton Court Palace, which is said to be haunted by one of Henry VIII's wives, or recreate the mysterious route of the legendary Jack the Ripper. Full of legends and stage of numerous executions, the Tower of London is certainly one of the scariest places to visit at night!
Enjoy the days to truly live scary experiences. Considered the scariest attraction in London, the London Bridge Experience and Tombs is a must-see, with actors and scenarios that will make you feel in a real horror movie. Also visit the famous London Dungeon where more than a hundred actors in meticulous scenarios unite horror with humour to tell stories of perverse kings, plagues, tortures and murderers. For those who do not want to be tested, there are many attractions for all tastes throughout the city. Visit the ghost ship Cutty Sark and haunted pubs like The Ten Bells or The Grenadier, watch a play at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, the most haunted theatre in London, or visit the famous cemeteries. For Harry Potter fans, the experience of visiting the Great Hall of Hogwarts, decorated for Halloween, in the Warner Bros Studios, will be magic. For small children, the zoo prepares special Halloween activities. And of course, in the streets, the city dresses with ghosts, pumpkins, werewolves, skeletons and witches, fulfilling a funny tradition that will infect you at first sight!

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