Holi Fest
Jaipur, India
9 Mar - 10 Mar
One of the most spectacular events in which you can participate is the Holi Fest in India, so famous that there are already many countries doing their own version. Joy, mutual respect, union and, especially, lots and lots of colour is what you can expect in this very special celebration.

The Holi Fest, or Festival of Colours, says farewell to winter and welcomes the long-awaited spring, but its origin has an even deeper meaning: in this day we celebrate the triumph of good over evil and the destruction of the demon Holika, and there is a huge sense of togetherness. There are no differences between people, religions or castes, all are equal and all celebrate the same with mutual respect. And the magic of this festival is fulfilled in the ritual: colourful powders and waters are thrown to friends and family, colouring clothes, faces and souls. According to the belief, each colour has its meaning, and each brings a different strength to life.
Through all the major cities of India different parties filled with colour are organized, with music and rain dances around bonfires. There are concerts, street food and lots and lots of fun! There is no reason to fear for your health because these coloured powders are non-toxic, but make sure that you dress old clothes because the colour may not come out of it. And certainly the good memories of this day will not disappear as well.

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