King's Day
Amsterdam, Netherlands
27 Apr - 27 Apr
On the day that all of the Netherlands wears orange to celebrate the king's birthday, party and good mood invade the streets of the country. There are celebrations everywhere, but it is in Amsterdam that the fun is more felt.

It is the Dutch National Day and a mobile holiday, currently celebrated on April 27 in honour of the current king, King William Alexander. Being the biggest outdoor party in Amsterdam, moving up to the city about 750 thousand visitors looking to live this exciting day with the Dutch. The ways to celebrate are various and for all tastes: you can participate in cultural programs, several parties, or just walk around and have fun with the crowd on the streets.
In the morning you can visit art and used items fairs, where you can see many children exploring their creativity, and have fun in amusement parks and parades. The canals are filled with boats and people celebrating in a lively orange explosion, and there are stages mounted with music and performances. There is no shortage of night parties with DJ's for the toughest, and of course, lots of beer, in a good Dutch way. Just make sure to wear something orange (colour of the royal family, the Orange Dynasty), go out and have fun wherever you want. On this day there is no public transportation, but do not worry: you will not need them!

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