Las Fallas
Valencia, Spain
15 Mar - 19 Mar
Las Fallas, in Valencia, is one of the largest and most traditional Spanish festivities, and if there is someone who knows how to party, certainly are the Spanish. A true artistic and pyrotechnic show with several events going throughout several days and nights that should not to be missed.

The Las Fallas Festival was originated in the Middle Ages, when the carpenters gathered their scrap wood and burned it in a bonfire to celebrate the arrival of spring. Nowadays the burning is celebrated on March 19th, the day of St. Joseph, saint patron of carpenters, with a whole new dimension. The remains of wood gave way to huge wooden, cardboard and polyurethane figures created by artists, usually full of humour and satire, which are scattered throughout the city, to be burned on the last day of the festivity. The festival lasts for four days, but the Fallas "season" begins in March, when they start the first fireworks - the mascletas.
Throughout the month the festivities increase and the streets gain rich illuminations, with prizes for the best ones. During the 15th and 16th the La Planta runs the streets and giant buildings rise up throughout the city, with music and fireworks. On the 17th, these large projects are awarded in several categories, and on the 18th, comes the Nit del Foc, the night of the biggest firework of all, illuminating the entire city. On the next day takes place the Cabalgata del Fuego, a parade that announces the arrival of the burning between parades and fireworks. Finally comes the long awaited moment, the Nit de la Cremá, which is when all figures are set on fire. This fire represents purification, illuminating and heating Valencia, preparing it to celebrate until the sun rises up again. And of course, there are lots of music and food and drink stalls. Do not think about sleep in this night, because it is going to be very hard. Join the Valencians and celebrate with them the arrival of spring!

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