Music Festival
Paris, France
21 Jun - 21 Jun
Since 1982, every year on June 21st, Paris hosts the Music Festival to welcome the summer and provide a fantastic day to locals and to all of those who visit the City of Lights at this time.

"Faites de la musique, fête de la musique" ("make music, celebrate the music"), this is the motto of this joyful celebration that brings together amateur and professional musicians in nice free concerts performed in the streets, gardens, squares, museums, castles , bars and concert halls. Among the genres that make up this festival, you will find reggae, jazz, soul, funk, rock, pop and classical music.
Created by the French Ministry of Culture, this festival full of rhythms and culture lasts for about 24 hours and has been so successful that is now celebrated in more than 100 countries, over the 5 continents. So, if you are fond of music and you even like to play, grab your instrument or microphone and be a part of this magnificent artistic celebration, where you can meet and introduce yourself to new audiences and artists. Or you can just let yourself in and enjoy the sound of the joyful and melodic streets of Paris.

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