Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres
São Miguel, Portugal
4 May - 10 May
One of the biggest celebrations in the Azores - the cult of the Lord Holy Christ of the Miracles - begins to be prepared one year in advance, such is the logistics involved in this event. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Green Island in one of the most special times of the region!

Annually, after the Easter celebrations, São Miguel receives the feasts in honour of the Lord Holy Christ of the Miracles, in what represents the biggest and oldest devotion in the country. The celebrations begin with the devotees paying homage and promises in the Field of San Francisco and, then, the image of the Lord is given by the sisters of the Convento da Esperança to the organizers of the event. Thus begins the procession to the main altar of the church of the convent, and during the rest of the day countless pilgrimages give joy to the whole island.

The next day the grand procession takes place in a beautiful setting that spreads through all the arteries of Ponta Delgada - a floral carpet runs all over the streets and the buildings are decorated with thousands of enchanting lights! Alongside these attractions there is also a parade of bikers, police and firefighters. And since you are in Ponta Delgada, why not take advantage to explore the beautiful natural landscapes? Discover the Green Island and be fascinated!

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