Songkran Festival
Bangkok, Thailand
13 Apr - 15 Apr
Join the Thais and celebrate the arrival of a new year in what is one of the most traditional Buddhist festivals around the world! Between 13th and 15th April, water is the bridge that marks the astrological passage, or in this case, the Songkran.

Also known as the water festival, this event is a tribute to water as a way to wash away negativism and bad things and thus give way to positivism and optimism. One of the main traditions of this event is that people pour water into one another to free them from sin and bad luck. Spilling water into the hands of older family members and the people we have the most respect for means that we are giving and receiving the blessing of these same people while the younger girls throw water at one another for luck.

Placing bouquets alongside Buddha statues scattered across temples, towns and cities is another tradition followed by the Thais, as well as leaving incense sticks in the temples, freeing birds from small hand-made cages and fishes in the water, and of course , the traditional prayers in homage to the ancestors. Once the rituals are fulfilled, it is time to go to the main avenues of the country to participate in a gigantic war, where the only ammunition available is ... water! Visit one (or all) of the 13 provinces in which this festival is celebrated and let yourself be enchanted by Thai magic in the happiest time of the year in that country!

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