St Patrick's Festival
Dublin, Ireland
17 Mar - 17 Mar
It is in St. Patrick's Day that Ireland goes to the streets to honour his saint patron and show his national pride. The capital Dublin is hit by an explosion of green and celebrations include masses, parades, private parties and the best Irish beers and whiskeys!

St. Patrick's Festival is the most popular event of all Ireland and with greater meaning for the Irish. It happens every year at the beginning of the second half of March, but has its peak on the 17th, the day of St. Patrick's death. In Dublin, the whole town dresses in green and some of the buildings are illuminated with the same colour. In O'Connel Street takes place the famous St. Patrick's Parade, where people dressed in traditional Irish costumes and props walk along the street in a happy and lively mood, showing their Irish pride.
But it is not only on the street that the festivities happen, parties are organized in many pubs in town and churches held the traditional masses, since this is a religious-oriented festival. On this day, the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the street is allowed and to fulfil the tradition make sure to consume only genuinely Irish drinks. Visit the Irish Craft Beer & Whiskey Village and try the best products produced in this country. Another tradition is to give small friendly pinches to those who don't wear any green cloth or prop, so do not forget: green clothes, a pint of Guinness and sláinte!

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