Valencia, Spain
28 Aug - 28 Aug
The Tomatina is one of the events that attract more tourists to Spain. It is a familiar and friendly tomatoes' war held annually in Buñol, Valencia, and that turns the streets into a true Red Sea of fight and fun.

At 11 a.m. the first truckloads of tomatoes start to reach the Plaza del Pueblo and are dumped on the street. And the war begins! Refills will be succeeding to avoid that the participants get caught without ammunition, and Buñol becomes a true pulp. When the firecracker bursts to announce the end, hoses start to pump water to wash the battlefield, and of course, the fighters. There are rules to avoid accidents and to aloud everyone to enjoy this very traditional festival.
Its exact origin is unknown, but it is believed that it was during the festival Gigantes y Cabezudos in 1945 when some young people decided to stage a fight in the Plaza del Pueblo and the nearest ammunition they had was tomatoes. The police intervened, forcing participants to pay for tomatoes, but the battle was repeated the following year. And it was repeated over and over again until officially become a tradition in 1980 and to be held annually on the last Wednesday of August.

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