Terms and conditions

We recommend the careful reading of our Terms and Conditions before using Abreu Express website and before making any reservations. By purchasing any product or service on our website, the costumer is accepting the following Terms and Conditions.

Abreu Express Terms and Conditions

1. Use of our website
This site is available to all users (herein referred to as "User", or as "customer," or "passenger" in case of purchase of services on this site), subject to these general terms and conditions (referred in the present document as "Conditions"). When the User purchases on the Abreu Express website or uses the website in any way, he/she is accepting these Terms.
     B. Abreu Express website is owned by Viajes Abreu, SA, with headquarters in Praça da Trindade, 142, 4º 4000-539 Porto - Portugal, registered in the national register of travel and tourism agencies of Portugal under the number 1702 - hereinafter referred to as Abreu.
     C. The User acknowledges that he/she has legal age and legal capacity to comply with the terms of this agreement and use the Abreu Express website in accordance with these Terms, which he/she understands and accepts in its entirety.
     D. Abreu Express is solely and exclusively for the personal use of the costumer. Modification, reproduction, duplication, copying, distribution, sale, resale or exploitation of the website for any commercial or equivalent purpose is forbidden.
     E. The User commits himself/herself not to use the Abreu Express website for illegal or improper purposes. The User undertakes, in particular, that the products or services purchased through this website are intended for use or own consumption, or the use and consumption of persons in whose name is legally authorized to act. The User may not resell the products or services purchased through this website to third parties. Abreu reserves the right to deny access to this website at any time without prior notice.

2. Services provided on our website
Abreu, through the Abreu Express website, provides the User with the possibility of booking accommodation and aviation services, as well as their combinations, in a simple and effective way, comparing at any time the prices existing in the different providers of this service.
          i. We classify these services as Hotels, Flights and Flight + Hotel and below we present chapters where we detail the general conditions of the reserves of each one of these products.
     B. Abreu, through the Abreu Express website, also promotes the booking and purchase of car rental services. Reservations made in this context are made directly to one of our supplier partners - clearly displayed on our links - and are subject to the conditions of the partner website. The User will book and contract with the supplier company, paying directly to it and being regulated by its terms and conditions.
     C. At Abreu Express we also promote the booking and acquisition of tours and activities at the destination. For each activity, specific conditions are presented that can cover participants' ages or other conditions. The User should take note of these conditions when booking an activity. By purchasing these services on our website, the costumer agrees with these specific conditions.
     D. On this website we also announce events and festivities that happen a little all over the world. In this case, we only disclose its content and dates, and cannot be associated in any way with the way they take place or with their organization. We are not, for any purpose, representatives of these events. This is the dissemination of travel motivations for which we promote flight and hotel reservations. In all cases we never promote the sale of any tickets or access to these events that, if exist, should be directly treated with the appropriate organizations.

3. Travel Insurance
In our website we propose the contracting of travel insurance, which we advise in every case, and especially when reserving more than one service at time - i.e. flight + hotel or flight and other service.
     B. In the context of the insurance offer, we always offer travel cancellation insurance that allows the costumer, in compliance with the policy conditions, to cancel his/her paid trips without the usual expenses.
     C. When purchasing travel insurance or cancellation insurance on our website, the costumer will be contracting this insurance directly with the insurance company and will be subject to the conditions of the policy that can be consulted at the time of acquisition on our website.

4. Acquisition of services on our website
     A. The acquisition of the different services on our website is subject to the payment of a reservation fee corresponding to what we charge for the availability of the services and prices and to our task of processing the costumer's reservations and correctly issuing the documents that we will deliver to him/her. These rates are dependent on the services purchased from us and are always informed before pressing the "book" option.
     B. When purchasing services on our website, we will ask the costumer for the immediate payment in full or, in some cases, part of it. Only the payment made immediately of the amounts requested will guarantee the reservation.
     C. In some cases, when making your reservation on our website, it may not be immediately confirmed. Only confirmed reservations are guaranteed if the costumer makes the payment immediately. All reservations pending or partially confirmed will be dependent, to be confirmed, of the immediate payment and the availability of our suppliers. Abreu will seek to confirm all reservations in these cases, but in case of impossibility it may propose to the User some change of price, schedules, route or otherwise. In these cases it will be up to the User to accept or not, and in case of non-acceptance, Abreu will refund all amounts paid in full.

5. Forms of payment
By purchasing services on our website, the User may perform payments through debit or credit card or through Paypal service. These payments are made in a completely secure way between the User and their payment platform, and Abreu does not have access to details such as card number or others.
     B. The User can also perform his/her payments using ATM services in Portugal, as well as through other local means of payment in some countries (depending on availability).
     C. In some payment methods Abreu may charge a fee for making the method available to the User. This fee will always be presented to the User before making any payment.

6. Fraud in Payments
Abreu maintains a careful attitude in order to avoid the misuse of forms of payment, in other words, frauds. This way, Abreu may, in some circumstances, require additional information regarding the form of payment used, namely, among other things, proof of address and copies of identification elements.

7. Cancellations and Returns
After purchasing the trip, any cancellation of it that the costumer wants to make, is subject to the rules expressed at the time of purchase, as well as the general rules described in these conditions. Any cancellation charges are always dependent on the time of the cancelation of the trip and the specific product that the costumer wishes to cancel.
          i. The best prices always comply with stricter rules regarding cancellations, which in many cases can go up to 100% of the amounts paid. Abreu therefore advises the costumer to always carry out cancellation insurance for his/her trips (subject to the rules of the policy).
     B. In cases where, after a cancellation, the User is entitled to receive part or all of the amounts paid, Abreu will proceed with this return immediately, using the same method with which the payment was made. As an example, if the payment was made through a certain card, the return will be made to the same card.

8. Travel Documentation
The User who is traveling is responsible for having all the necessary travel documents for his/her travel, and must have it in his/her possession in order to enjoy the different services. For each trip the costumer makes, he/she must have all the necessary documents for it and that will be transmitted electronically by our services:
          i. Transport tickets with guaranteed reservations (airplane and / or train, bus, boat, etc.);
          ii. Voucher for hotels or apartments;
          iii. Transfers;
          iv. Tours, etc.
     B. When making a reservation, the User should take the utmost care in providing us with the correct contacts, i.e. telephone and email. All our documentation is delivered by email and we cannot be held liable if the User have not received his/her documentation due to failure to receive the email and / or have entered his/her "spam" folder. Whenever the costumer waits for our documentation and have not received it in the appropriate time, he/she should immediately contact us for clarification.

9. Identification documents
The costumer who is traveling is responsible for having his/her identification documents in order. All passengers of a trip, including children and infants, must have a photo ID and/or other documents depending on the countries they travel to and their rules for the passengers' nationality.
     B. All documents must be within the stated validity limits. Some countries require that the passport be valid for at least 6 months from the date of return. The costumer must make sure that the country he/she is traveling to has this requirement.
     C. All passengers should check whether visas or other permits are required for the country they are traveling. Some countries may require vaccination certificates.
     D. Passengers should be in possession of valid and necessary documentation (identity cards, passports, visas, authorization for minors and certificate of vaccines, etc.) during their travel, as may be required by airlines, emigration authorities and other government authorities of the countries of origin, destination or flight stopover. The lack or invalidity of the documents mentioned above may lead to denied boarding or entry into the country of destination.
     E. If the costumer do not have a passport, if it is expired or, in special cases, if it is in the last 6 months of validity and/or require a visa to make the trip, please note that issuing any of these documents may take some time , therefore the costumer should obtain them in advance.
     F. It is the passengers' responsibility to comply with all the required formalities. The fines or expenses caused by non-compliance with these formalities or the non-entry to the customer in the country of destination are the sole responsibility of the passenger. The client cannot in any case hold Abreu responsible for what happened.
     G. In case of doubt the costumer should not hesitate to consult the services of the embassies of the countries he/she wishes to visit or its governmental authorities.

10. General conditions of aviation reservations
The User can book regular flights and purchase the respective tickets (electronic tickets) on our website. In these cases Abreu intervenes as a mere intermediary, being only responsible for the correct issuance of the same. Likewise, in the case of the sale of the services requested by the client, Abreu will only be responsible for the correct issuance of the same.
     B. It is the responsibility of the User to make sure that the names of the passengers to whom he/she is booking coincide with the names present in the Passport (or other valid travel document) at the time of booking, choose the times and the company he/she wants to use correctly. Changes and subsequent cancellations may incur expenses of up to 100% of the trip the User books.
     C. All times present on the different flight proposals on our website are displayed at local times, i.e. hours from the countries where you will be boarding. The schedules are presented according to the information received through international reservation systems and originate from the airlines.
     D. Flight schedules or even cancellations of flights by an airline may sometimes occur. Abreu cannot be held responsible for these eventualities and the passenger will be subject to the company's policy for each specific case, be it, for example, a new schedule or a proposal for a new flight, a refund of the amount paid, or others.
          i. At the time of booking, Abreu provides companies with the passenger's contacts so that they can inform him/her of any changes. In the same way, Abreu informs its passengers whenever informed by them.
     E. All fares/prices of aviation reservations submitted are correct and correspond to what the costumer will pay if he/she proceeds immediately to the purchase of the ticket at the time of booking. Abreu may charge a fee for the reservation made, which amount is always presented before making the decision to reserve, so that the costumer has access to the total price to pay before making his/her decision.
     F. Any ticket after it has been purchased, i.e fully paid and issued, will not be subject to tariff changes;
     G. All aviation fares presented are associated with rules that relate not only to purchasing conditions but also to changes after issuance, cancellations, baggage allowances or other;
     H. Usually the cheapest rates are associated with quite restrictive conditions in the mentioned parameters. Always check the fare rules, especially if the costumer is not sure that will travel on the days booked;
     I. In the field "more information" on each tariff, the costumer has access to the text of the rules applied to that same tariff. In cases where the text is not completely understandable the User should not hesitate to consult our services.
     J. In the travel summary we present, the costumer should take note of information such as:
          i. Luggage - describes if the passenger is allowed to carry luggage in the basement. If only mention hand luggage and want to carry luggage in the hold of the plane, the passenger must acquire that right separately, and can use our services and it is advisable to do so before the ticket is issued; to know the formats and weights of the different baggage that are included for a certain flight should always visit the website of that airline where the most updated information is present.
          ii. Flights operated by - some airlines mention below the flight number the phrase "operated by" followed by the name of another company. In this case the flight will be carried out on an equipment of this second company. For example, you may be purchasing a ticket from the Finnair and traveling with TAP;
          iii. Connection time - Abreu advises that the connection time between flights at airports (duration of scale) is not less than 1h30m. The system may propose smaller times of scale because it transmits the information received from the airlines, so that the costumer can opt for smaller-scale flights (in particular on a call from the same company or if the costumer knows the airport well and understands that there is no problem).
     K. In acquiring transport tickets on flights operated by low cost airlines, the costumer is contracting a service directly with them and not with Abreu.
     L. Any request to change, cancel or refund these trips must always be made directly with the Low Cost company. Abreu has no intervention in the issuance of these documents.
     M. Any change in the time, date, route or flight cancellation of a Low Cost company is the sole responsibility of the company, so all contacts to be made by the passenger must be made directly to the same.
     N. Please note that when booking low cost flights, the costumer is subject to a greater number of restrictions that are not observed in regular airlines, and it is common to not include any type of hold baggage service, marking seats and meals during flight and frequent use of secondary airports;
     O. The user and all passengers must pay attention that in the case of an aviation trip, they are expected to strictly comply with the check-in times requested by the airlines. For reference we leave the minimum antecedents advisable:
          i. Flights between countries in the European Schengen area: 90 minutes
          ii. Flights from Europe to other European countries (non-Schengen): 120 minutes
          iii. Flights between countries of different continents (intercontinental): 180 minutes
     P. Any loss of a flight due to non-compliance with check-in times cannot be attributed to Abreu. We reiterate that, regardless of the indicative timetables we mention, the costumer should be aware of the local rules where he/she is embarking.

11. General Conditions in Hotel Reservation, i.e. Accommodation
In the acquisition of accommodations on the Abreu website, this agency acts as a mere intermediary because it deals with the sale of services requested by the client, being only responsible for the correct issuance of housing titles.
     B. In all accommodation reservations, whenever a "star rating" is presented for a hotel unit, this is only indicative of the quality of the hotel, as it complies with different classification legislation in each country.
     C. In all accommodation, the prices shown include all taxes and fees that may exist in the different countries for which we accept accommodation reservations.
     D. Local fees charged in some cities are excluded from the previous. It will be up to the User to be informed of these rates, to be paid on the local and not included in the price of the accommodation reservation.
     E. The prices of accommodation when the costumer chooses a hotel include for the reservation the diet chosen at the time of the reservation. Common dietary regimens include "Accommodation Only", "Bed and Breakfast", "Half Board" (a main meal) or "Full Board" (two meals). In the last two, drinks in main meals are never included.
     F. Any usufruct of a hotel stay or accommodation that the costumer books is subject to check-in times which are normally from 14:00, and check-out times, usually before 12:00.
     G. Before making the purchase of the accommodation reservation, the costumer must be aware of the cancellation rules that the hotel requires according to the time period in which a possible cancellation occurs. If the costumer cancels, Abreu will charge the fees that occur according to this information.
     H. In all the reservations of accommodation the client is informed of the capacity of the rooms that he/she chooses in hotels or apartments. Abreu cannot be charged if a housing service is refused to the costumer when he/she intends to use it for a greater number of persons than it is informed during the reservation.
     I. Most hotels require guarantees that reservations made by Abreu correspond effectively to customers who will use the reserved accommodation. For this reason, Abreu requires full payment of the reservation made whenever the period between the date of reservation and the dates of accommodation is reduced.
     J. In cases of non-use of accommodation referred for reasons other than Abreu and without any timely communication, there is no right to any refunds of the amounts paid.
     K. With the timely information of the intention to cancel a certain reservation, it will be possible to repay part of the amount spent with it. The evaluation will be done on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the time it takes to complete the stay and the business policy of the hotel.
     L. In these situations Abreu waives any profit from the reservation made, charging only €10 for its service, to be added to the amount that the hotel in question requires us to cancel (Line C).

12. General Combination of Flight Travel Reservations + Hotel
When purchasing a flight + hotel, the costumer chooses the flights and hotel he/she wants for his/her trip based on the offers presented by links that we have to different booking systems. It is the costumer's responsibility to choose flights and hotel, and in this summary of all the details, i.e. flight schedules, hotel and its location, chosen room types and regime.
     B. Abreu assumes that the costumer is fully informed of the conditions of the services he/she has chosen to reserve. Unless the costumer chooses to purchase some other service, i.e. insurance, transfers or activity on the destination, the reservation will include only the flights and the hotel for the passengers indicated.
     C. Flight + hotel reservations are subject to the above conditions for flight and hotel reservations separately, i.e. information present when choosing a flight, or a hotel - cancellation / hotel conditions, etc. - shall also apply to a flight + hotel reservation.

13. When purchasing a flight + hotel the following general conditions apply:
The choice of flights and hotel required through our system results in the express acceptance by the client of each and every one of the clauses present in the general conditions, which are automatically considered an integral part of the program that is part of the travel contract.
     B. At the time of the reservation, the customer must deposit a value that varies between 40% and 100% of the displayed price. The organizing agency reserves the right to cancel any registration whose payment has not been made under the mentioned conditions.
     C. At the time of the reservation, the costumer is informed of the possible cancellation conditions. In most cases the cancellation of the aerial part of the trip implies 100% of expenses while in the hotel part the cancellation expenses will vary according to the different periods of dates, which are presented clearly before purchasing the trip.
     D. At any time, the customer may give up from the trip by written communication, having the right to return the amounts paid after deducting the expenses presented at the time of withdrawal:
          i. Management costs corresponding to the costs that Abreu had to obtain the travel reservations and a percentage that can go up to 15% of the price of the trip;
          ii. Cancellation costs corresponding to the non-refundable costs of the hotels and the means of transport provided, as well as related to other extra services that they have acquired;
          iii. The frequency of air tickets subject to specific conditions, which for that reason does not allow reimbursement after issuance, is emphasized by the frequency with which they occur.
     E. If it is possible, whenever the client wishes to make a change to his reservation, date of departure or even another destination, he/she must pay change fees. Any change shall be subject to the expenses and charges set forth in "Line D" mentioned above. For each change (names, dates and apartment or room type) a service fee of €25 will be charged.
     F. When making flight + hotel reservations, the customer is subject to possible changes in transport schedules that fall within the scope of the law. The changes to the air service have European legislation under which we frame and that defines any refunds due to changes made.
          i. The scope of these changes may affect the usufruct of the reserved hotel part. In the event of the loss of night(s) at the destination by the customer, the sales agent will be responsible under the package travel legislation.
     G. The prices quoted to the customer at the time of booking are subject to change resulting from alterations in the cost of transport or fuel, duties, taxes, rates and currency fluctuations at the time of issuance of documentation. The documentation is issued at the time of payment of the customer. Whenever there is a change in the price of the trip, the customer will be informed immediately and invited to accept the increase verified or cancel his/her reservation, within the established time limit, under the same terms and conditions as those set forth in the "Line H" mentioned below.
     H. If, for reasons not attributable to us, Abreu is unable to fulfil some essential service constant of the trip chosen by the costumer, the client has the right to give up from the trip, being immediately reimbursed of all the amounts paid and can accept an alteration or price variation. If the aforementioned facts not attributable to Abreu determine the cancellation of the trip, the customer may also choose to participate in another trip of equivalent price. If the proposed trip in substitution is of lower price, the customer will be refunded of the respective difference.
     I. Once the trip is started, no refund for unused customer services is due. Failure to provide services included in the travel program for causes not attributable to Abreu and, if it is not possible to replace them with other equivalents, gives the customer the right to be reimbursed for the difference between the price of the services provided and those actually provided.

14. Complaints and customer support
We may only consider claims for services rendered in connection with reservations made on our website if presented in writing within a period not exceeding 20 days after the end of the trip. They can only be accepted if they participate in the suppliers of the services (in particular hotels) during the course of the trip, requiring the documents proving the complaint made on the spot.
     B. The costumer can send us his/her complaint electronically via express@abreu.pt.
     C. In Portugal, Abreu joined the Customer Ombudsman. If the costumer wishes to present a complaint in this way, please know that complaints must be submitted within 20 days, in writing form, to the following address: Rua Duque de Palmela, 2 - 1ºDtº., 1250-098 Lisboa. The Customer Ombudsman's decisions are always communicated in writing to the agency concerned, and the agency must correct the irregular situation, if any, within 30 days of notification of the decision.

15. Jurisdiction and applicable law
These Terms and Conditions, as well as any relationship between Abreu and the User, will be governed by the Portuguese laws. Except as expressly indicated, both parties are subject to the jurisdiction of the Portuguese Courts for any matter arising from the existence, content and / or interpretation of these general terms and conditions or any relationship between Abreu and the User.

16. Information
For more information or support for this website, the costumer can contact us by phone +351 214 156 072 (10:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. Portuguese time / every day of the year except Easter day, December 25th and January 1st) or email: express@abreu.pt