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São Miguel: Gastronomic Tour
It is known as the "Green Island" and it is comprehensible why. São Miguel could be just like an Atlantic Switzerland, not only because of the beautiful emerald green that covers it in all directions, but also because of the flocks of black and white cows grazing in its meadows. Famous for its natural beauty, the island is also a paradise for lovers of good food. Learn more about the dishes not to be missed!
The famous "Cozido das Furnas"
The volcanic activity of the largest and most populous island of the Azores is responsible for its most famous dish: the Cozido das Furnas. Pots full of various types of meat and vegetables are placed in bags and buried in geothermal ground. Five to six hours later, the delicacy is ready, which is then pulled up with a rope and transported to your plate! Fans say it is well worth withstand the intense smell of sulphur to be delighted with this feast.

In this beautiful area of Furnas there are a lot of restaurants that serves it, but we recommend that you book your table in advance.
Always fresh fish
From the Atlantic Ocean come other delights of the island: its wonderful fish. The freshness and taste justifies to be consumed simply grilled. Take the opportunity to taste some species that you'll hardly find in the continent (and not so fresh): the triggerfish, the amberjack, the peter's fish, the alfonsino, the blackbelly rosefish or the parrotfish. And while waiting for it to be served, try the typical entries: the grilled limpets (with queijo fresco and pimenta-da-terra, a spice that you'll also find in canned food and other dishes) and barnacles cooked in sea water. To drink, for its mineral and refreshing touch, a glass of wine from Pico Island is the perfect choice. To enjoy the best of the sea with an amazing view, there's nothing like the Caloura Bar, just after Lagoa's town.
Meat and dairy products
As expected, the dairy products and meat have a central place in the cuisine of the Azores. Certainly the most famous cheese is from the island of São Jorge, but if your visit does not allow you to go there, do not worry: the Rei dos Queijos in Ponta Delgada's Market offers delicacies from the four corners of the Azores and also Azorean chocolate, delicious pineapple and passion fruit mints, the typical milk or tangerine liqueurs and, of course, local tea. To taste the highly praised meat of the island, the options are many, but among those who gather consensus you'll find the Associação Agricola de São Miguel's restaurant, in Rabo de Peixe, for the classic steak, and the Tasca, in Ponta Delgada, for those who prefer a meal based on many and delicious snacks.
Local delicacies
The most famous plantations of the island are the pineapple, in Fajã de Baixo, and tea, in Ribeira Grande (Porto Formoso and Gorreana). You can visit both of them to learn more about the production process of these local products and, in the end, buy a delicious souvenir!

For vegetarians, meals in San Miguel can be an extra challenge that can be always overcome with a visit to the restaurant Rotas da Ilha Verde: praised for its cuisine but also for its friendly service.

Also in the chapter "sweets and desserts", São Miguel does not disappoint: in addition to delicacies made with pineapple and passion fruit from the island (try the Kima soda as well), there is still a world of traditional cookies, queijadas from Campo Franco or yeasts cakes from Furnas to taste (a great snack after a swim in the warm water pool of the Terra Nostra Park).

Did we gave you appetite to visit this extraordinary island?